Helping B2B businesses accelerate their sales pipeline by leveraging the power of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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My Experience

As a Product Design Intern at an early-age startup like PipeIQ, my internship experience here was quite challenging, as the domain space was new; the envisioned product required understanding of B2B business operations and uncovering of grey areas while designing.

This experience increased my capability of unearthing complex terminology and convert it into design requirements and user interface.




Grasping and understanding B2B business operations and sales terminologies were challenging, and there were a lot of grey areas while designing the product.


Since PipeIQ was a feature-rich product, it was challenging to design an all-encompassing yet concise navigation system.


Working at an early-age startup allowed me to wear multiple hats and work on foundational design elements, branding, strategies for navigation system, and user interfaces.


PipeIQ is a platform to accelerate the sales pipeline of B2B businesses. With the help of generative AI, PipeIQ helps sales representative generate customized marketing outreach campaigns to gain high intent prospects.


3 months

Team members

3 Product Design Interns

Key responsibilities

UX, UI, and Design System

My Role

Within a team of 3 Product Design Interns, I was responsible for crafting the user flow, designing the navigation of the dashboard and designing of product pages such as the Dashboard, Chat, Analytics, and the Settings page.