Ford F-150

TL;DR: A user interface (UI) development project for the 2021 version of America’s most popular truck, the Ford F-150.


The 2021 Ford F-150 features an instrument cluster with advanced Graphical User Interface (UI) with 3D materials. Our team was responsible for the development of this new UI.


1 year

Team members

7 Developers and 2 Senior Engineers


Before developing the new and advanced features of the instrument cluster (IC) user interface, I studied and analyzed the system requirement documents furnished by system engineers at Ford. With the requirements in place, I synthesized complex requirements to develop functional user interfaces.

The Experience

I worked on the development of HMIs for the 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor and Tremor variants.

Feature One

F-150 Raptor: Minor Gauges

The minor gauges was implemented by me using 3D models and textures for fill and icons.

Minor Gauges in Different Drive modes

Minor gauges in different drive modes

The look and feel of minor gauges in different drive modes. The filling color of minor gauges is different in each one.

Feature Two

Ford F-150 Raptor: Measurements Screen

The measurements screen was a brand-new feature in the Raptor variant. Data from the minor gauges are displayed in a dynamic text-based format on the Measurements screen. Users have the ability to personalize the gauge information that is displayed on their screen.

Feature Three

Ford F-150 Tremor: Off-road status

The off-road screen was a brand-new feature in the Tremor variant. I completed the implementation of this screen using 3D models, 2D textures, icons and assets like wheels and axle. The entire implementation and its animation with respect to real data was done in Kanzi Studio. The off-road status screen shows data with respect to pitch, yaw and roll values of the car, and tire pressures.

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