Healthcare UX: Enhancing the efficiency of biophysicists’ research work by streamlining interactions between their devices and touch points.



Professional Project


The research work of biophysicists requires them to juggle between two devices - their personal computer and supercomputers. This back and forth between the two devices decreases their efficiency and increases the time to do research.

My Contribution

In a team of 2 UX Designers, I synthesized research notes, studied the scientific workflow of biophysicists, and worked as a UI designer to design the Cybershuttle.

Who are Biophysicists?

Biophysicists are scientists who study how living things like humans, animals, and plants function. Their research helps us develop new medicines to fight diseases.


However, their job is tough. They have to deal with complex technology and frequently switch between devices like computers and remote supercomputers, which slows down their work.

What is a supercomputer?

A supercomputer is a powerful computer that processes large amounts of information quickly for tasks like weather prediction and scientific research.


A platform that connects personal computers and remote supercomputers for improved device interactions to speed up scientists’ research.

P.S. Supercomputers are referred to as High-performance Computing (HPC) units.

What and where was the problem exactly?

Experiment preparation, execution, or analysis?

To uncover the core problems and needs of biophysicists, we studied their current workflow of conducting experiments from start to finish.

Biophysicist's workstation

Choosing materials

Setting up the experiment

Generating configuration files

Move files to supercomputer

Remote supercomputer

Running the experiment

Move output files back to workstation

Biophysicist's workstation

Analyzing the results

Final Designs

Following multiple design iterations informed by user testing and feedback, I successfully brought the final designs to life.

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As my first UX case study, I discovered the criticality of prioritizing user perspectives in all UX endeavors.

I discovered that user testing is crucial, as it revealed unnoticed flaws and helped me avoid later-stage costs.

Structuring interview questions proved challenging due to the need to avoid leading the interviewees.